Photo Credits

for the Birds of Utah

Species (& type) Photographer CC
Garganey Both Koshy Koshy 2.0 Generic
Ancient Murrelet Both Eric Ellingson 2.0 Generic
Pomarine Jaeger Thumb Jomilo75 2.0 Generic
Pomarine Jaeger Splash Matt Tillett 2.0 Generic
Parasitic Jaeger Both Andreas Trepte 2.5 Generic
Black-billed Cuckoo Both Wolfgang Wander 3.0 Unported
Boreal Owl Splash Richard Crossley 3.0 Unported
Boreal Owl Thumb Greg Schechter 2.0 Generic
Mexican Whip-poor-will Both Ross Tsai 2.0 Non-commercial
Yellow-breasted Chat Splash Emily Willoughby 3.0 Unported